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DAZZLING ‘DEAR PAIGE'...Gorgeously wrought, chock-full of vibrant colors and alluring melodies, Dear Paige substantiates the enormous talent of Sylis Ander."


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"['Dear Paige'] is a refreshing and original release that’s long overdue within the music industry. "

- V13 Media

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"This beautiful single ['G.o.d'] is about the journey from the tormented past to reclaiming one’s self, living in sound. And I’ll say it again, the palpable inspiration drips from every verse and the undeniable sense of hope reigns." 


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"Ander manages to convey the emotion that one can only imagine comes from suddenly gaining a full sense of hearing after years of functioning without it. There is a buoyant brightness to ["G.o.d"] and it’s intriguing to hear the way Ander translates this profound experience into a moving piece of infectious power pop." 


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"["G.o.d"] has beautiful guitar melodies and an upbeat sense of hope for the future. His layered vocals sound refreshing to the ear and take you back to some 60’s rock with his tone."


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"With a bouncy attitude for hope and for the future, SA takes a meaningful route to put down into musical history, of a personal battle and a personal victory."


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